Solving manual Captcha window problems

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If you are having any issues with the Captcha window like when you can't click anything on it or it's blank, one of the following solutions below might help you fix it!

Possible fix #1 [Hosts Edit] (Most common)
  1. For Windows

    • Click on the Windows/Start icon.

    • Open search and type Run and press Enter.

    • Type c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and press Enter.

    • Download the Hosts file attached here --> hosts.

    • Copy the hosts file and paste it inside the opened folder (Click Yes if it asks to overwrite the existing file or for administrator privileges).
Possible Fix #2 [In-case you are Captcha-Banned]
  1. Go to your chrome settings.


  2. Search for proxy in the search tab and select open proxy settings.


  3. Click on LAN settings.


    • Make sure that Automatically detect settings box is unchecked.

    • Check use proxy server for your LAN box.

    • Insert your proxy IP's and port.

    • Check Bypass proxy server for local addresses. 

    • Click on advance. 


    • Insert this <-loopback>; in the Exceptions box and click on ok. 


  4. Reopen your captcha solver from inside the bot and you should be able to solve captcha normally.

Possible fix #3 [Bad browser-proxy]

Make sure that you are not using any proxies in your windows settings.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer. 


  2. On your keyboard press ALT to view the Internet Explorer options, click Tools -> Internet Options.


  3. Go to the Connections Tab and click on LAN settings.


  4. Uncheck the box Use a proxy server for your LAN and click OK.


Possible fix #4 [Corrupted Network Protocols]

Reset all the corrupted network protocols on the PC. 

  1. Click on the windows icon (bottom left) and write cmd. 


  2. Right-click on it, click run as administrator and then press OK.


  3. Insert the following sentence: netsh Winsock reset and press Enter. 


  4. Restart your PC to complete the reset.

Possible fix #5 [MAC users only]

We'll show you how to increase the CPU.

For the Captcha to work on your VM you have to enable more than 1 CPU, make sure to stop your virtual machine first. 

  1. Go to your VirtualBox Settings


  2. Click on System.


  3. Now click on the Processor tab. 


  4. Increase the number of processors to 2 or more (Within the green area).


  5. Press OK and open your VM. Now you should be able to use the Captcha window.
Possible Fix #6 [Blank Captcha Solver Selector]
If you are facing this issue do as shown in this gif:


Good Luck!

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  • none of these worked i couldnt check out due to no captcha

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  • Hello Wave God!
    Please, contact our support team via email to know whats happening and to solve your issue.

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  • None of these worked for me, how do I fix my captcha solver?

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  • Hello Alfredo Escobar!
    Please, contact our support team via email to know whats happening and to solve your issue.

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  • On the number 5 option for Mac only it does not let me change the number from 1 to 2?? or any number above 1

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  • none of these helped me my capcha opens but is says "no internet" or that the site cant be reached

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  • Please, contact the customer service team in this case at to follow up with you.

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