How to Set Up Discord Notifications?

In this Tutorial...

We will show you how to use the discord notification feature on ATC and Checkout.

  1. On your discord, click the + icon, click Create a server, put any name for the server and click Create.
  2. Now, on any channel you want, go to Settings. Here I didn't create an additional channel as I want #general to receive the notifications.
  3. In the Settings, go to Webhooks, then Create Webhook.
  4. Put in any name you want; I chose AIO Notifier. Then copy the Webhook URL.
  5. Now in AIO V2, go to Settings > Notification Settings.
    Make sure to check the event you want to get notifies on. I checked both Add to Cart and Checkout. Then, check the Notify Using Discord box and paste the Webhook URL you copied earlier, then Save.
  6. For the sake of example, I will create a test task on A Ma Maniere with a Test billing profile.
    Take a look at Send to Discord. This option is to send a checkout link to discord in case you want to complete checkout manually. Even if you kept it unchecked, you will still receive ATC and Checkout notifications.
  7. Finally, when the item was added to cart, the webhook sent a notification message as Add to Cart notification. The Ready to Checkout! notification is sent because I checked the Send To Discord checkbox in step 6.

Good Luck!

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