[AIO/Supreme] What are the system requirements for AIO Bot

System requirements!

For Windows


    • RAM: Recommended 6 GB, but minimum 4 GB.
    • CPU: Recommended 4 Cores, but minimum 2 Cores.


For Mac


    • Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, v10.9, or v10.10.
    • VirtualBox, Parallels, or BootCamp installed on the system in order to install Windows and run the AIO bot.
    • 6 GB of RAM minimum but 8 GB recommended.
    • 3.2 GB of available hard-disk space for installation.
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  • I have a Mac with 4gb will the program still work

  • Hello
    Unfortunately, no. You need to use 6 GB minimum.

  • Can a aoi bit be used on a yogabook

  • Hello, Brent!
    The minimum specs required for Windows are:
    RAM: Recommended 6 GB, but minimum 4 GB.
    CPU: Recommended 4 Cores, but minimum 2 Cores.

  • Hello, Brent!
    If it's specs more than minimum specs mentioned above for windows, then you can use it.
    But keep in mind that it's better to use it on a normal computer.

  • Would you recommend a desktop or laptop and also what kind would you recommend?

  • Hello, Husein!
    You can use both, Desktop or Laptop!
    Make sure that their specs match the required in this article: https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/208383469--AIO-What-are-the-system-requirements-for-AIO-Bot

  • Will a chromebook work?

  • Yes, it works for Chromebook, but it's complicated since you need to switch your system to Developer Mode and it's not guaranteed because you will need high specs, so it's not recommended at all. We suggest you get a Windows PC, a Mac or to rent a server.

  • Would it be better to use a PC or would a laptop work fine? For ex a Macbook or Surface Book?

  • Both are good, make sure that they meet the minimum requirements, also Macbook needs a virtual machine to run the Bot.

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