How to create tasks? (Demandware, Footsites, Shopify, Mesh and others)

In this tutorial...

We'll show you how to set up a task and use the AIO V2 Bot


First, you should create billing profiles and proxies list
- How to create a billing profile? 
- How to create a proxy list? 

    1. After creating billing profiles and proxies lists, press on Tasks tab then press on +Add new


    2. A new window will appear to you, select the type of the website that you're going to select


    3. If you are not sure what the site type is for the website you are looking, check the supported website article:


Early Links: The link to the webpage that the release will take place in.

Keyword: The keywords that the item is titled by. 

Variant: It’s a unique identifier for a colourway and a size of an item. Usually, you can only get it from Cook Groups or our discord server if we could get them.

PID: It’s the Product ID that’s used in some sites as an identifier of the product, we make sure to provide this for every release.

Only use keywords if you couldn't get early links or variants.


Demandware Footsites Shopify Others



  • Select the country of the Demandware website.
  • Insert the PID (We usually send this PID in the Discord server, a couple of hours before the release time).
  • Select the size: For Demandware websites, you can select a specific size or put "random" if you don't care about the size, you can use the & format, for example, 7&8&9, so the bot will try to catch one of the selected sizes 7, 8 or 9
  • Assign a billing profile for this task.
  • Choose the number of tasks you want to create under this setup.
    • After you finish, you can see the created tasks


    • In the actions section, you can run the task, edit or delete it


    • You can turn on the logs to view the logs section of each task


    • The task is running now, logged in and waiting to add to cart


    • The task added to the cart and it's trying to proceed to check out (showed an error because we're using a fake billing) 


Good Luck!

Contact our support team for additional help

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