Release setup guide


Do the following to get faster Captcha solving.

For all sites: Open the captcha solver, sign in to an old and active Gmail account, open YouTube in a new window and watch random videos for a faster solving 30 Minutes before the release. (For any Captcha)

If you want to use the multi solver, you will need to use a different Gmail account in each captcha window.

General Notes:

  1. Always make sure that you have the latest bot version before running your bot.
  2. We recommend having fast proxies on a fast server to maximize your chances of copping.
  3. Keep an eye on Shopify monitor in discord to use QT. Set your profile and sizing in Shopify settings.
  4. Don't forget to harvest tokens before the release time


YEEZY 700 ALVAH instructions



- Men: H67799

- Kids: H67800

- Infants: H67801


Site & Time:

- Adidas AU & NZ  : 07:00 AM AEST

- Adidas JP  : 09:00 AM JST

- Adidas SG  : 11:00 SGT

- Adidas EU  : 07:00 AM BST

- Adidas CA  : 08:30 AM EDT

- Adidas USA  : 10:00 AM EST

- Yeezy Supply : Time not confirmed (usually 10:00 AM EST) (ONLY SHIPS IN USA; you will need a reshipper to ship worldwide)


- Slam Jam  : 07:00 AM BST (EU & International Shipping Available ). Recently added to AIOBot so give it a try!! 



- Do not create Monitor Proxies lists for Demandware, only Normal Proxies lists.

- Use good quality residential proxies and nothing less than 1 proxy per task to not risk being banned. Demandware has been heavily banning IPs.



- You can use random for size or input multiple sizes in the following format: 9&10&8&9.5

- Open the Adidas V3 for Adidas and select the region from the Demandware site list, make sure to use good Gmail accounts.

- Open the Yeezy Supply V3 CAPTCHA, make sure to use good Gmail accounts.

- Start your tasks as soon as the stock is live.

- Harvest some cookies as backup for Adidas and Yeezy Supply!

- No need to harvest cookies for Slam Jam. Create a few tasks with manual checkout. You can do that by:

1- Ticking the browser check cart checkbox to complete your payment by inserting your cards details and placing the order


2- Keeping the task without billing, after adding the item to the cart, the cart page will open and you have to go to checkout manually, fill your billing, cards ...


- Please check the #demandware-setup-tips for more billing profile tips.

Shopify Monitor


  1. Use the global Shopify monitor to catch possible Shopify sites dropping. 

  2. Make sure to put negative keywords of your own choice if you suspect those keywords may pick up another item.
  3. Start your tasks for the sites that have password page 15 ~ 30 seconds before the drop

  4. Start some for the sites that don't have Password page of your tasks ~ 3 minutes before the drop and start the rest as soon as the checkpoint is ON - When the antibot is ON, you will not get a one-click captcha so you have to solve captcha 2 times per task, for this reason, DO NOT CREATE A LOT OF TASKS

    Check #shopify-setup-tips in the Discord server
    if you don't know how to set up your Shopify settings for the global monitors.

Good Luck!

Contact our support team for additional help

Discord.png   AIO_ANB Discord Server               Open_mail.png

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