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In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to create your own keywords. If there are no early links for the release, you'll have to use the "Keywords" feature in our Bot.


Early Links: The link to the webpage that the release will take place in.

Keyword: The keywords that the item is titled by. 

Variant: It’s a unique identifier for a colourway and a size of an item. Usually, you can only get it from Cook Groups or our discord server if we could get them.

PID: It’s the Product ID that’s used in some sites as an identifier of the product, we make sure to provide this for every release.

Only use keywords if you couldn't get early links or variants.


This is the "Keyword" field:


In the Keyword field, you must input the keywords.



There are two symbols used in the keywords "," And "&"

"&": Used between two keywords


"Keyword1&keyword2", the Bot will add the item to cart if both keywords exist in its name. If only one is found, the Bot will not try to add to cart.

",": Used to separate Multiple Sets of Keywords.



It means if the Bot didn't find Keyword1&Keyword2, it will try to find Keyword3&Keyword4.

3 Scenarios!

We're going to do a demonstration on an arbitrary item "Nike Zoom Kobe Icon". Now we're going to put Keywords for that item. Let's try multiple scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: What if the website didn't provide the full name of the item and put it as "Nike Kobe Icon"?
  • Scenario 2: What if the website provided the full name of the Item and put it as "Nike Zoom Kobe Icon"?
  • Scenario 3: What if the Website provided the first three words of the item "Nike Zoom Kobe"?

So the keywords would be:



 *** Don't Use General Keywords like Nike&Zoom or Nike&Kobe ***

You must enter these keywords in the "keyword" field, exactly as in the screenshot:



Good Luck!

Contact our support team for additional help

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  • In the example provided in the picture, I can see that Nike&Zoom is used as a keyword for page monitor. Didn't the guide just say to NOT use general keywords such as this? Just trying to clear the air. Thank you.

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  • Hello, Jeromie!

    Yes, we're trying to make it clear for you, so we provided it in the example above. 

    When you use a comma between two keywords, it means that the Bot will try to find the first one, if it didn't, it will try to find the second one immediately. 

    Thank you for your support, Sir!

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  • What about numbers? Do you type them out or use the numeral?

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  • Hello!
    No, you type them exactly as shown on the site! (if they are numbers, you put numbers, and vice versa)

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  • I am running into multiple issues.

    Jimmy Jazz:

    Test Proxies...all banned.
    Test Proxies manually and no keywords can be found through page monitor

    These are all new proxies...what could be the issue here?

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  • Hello, Shawn!
    Please, contact us via email and provide us with more details (with screenshots if it's possible) to know what happened exactly.

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  • Can you use numbers as keywords?

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  • If the name of the item includes a number, then yes, you can use it.

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