[Nike SNKRS Bot] How to configure the Nike bot

How to configure the Nike bot

In this Tutorial...

We'll Be Showing you how to configure the Nike bot

We will create A task, Billing profiles and explore more features!


Creating your first task 

On the bottom region of the bot, you are able to find several buttons that help you create and control your tasks.

Create New

This button will allow you to open the task setup wizard.


A similar display should appear.

You will be able to configure the following settings:

  1. Site Type: Webstore or SNKRS
  2. Select Region
  3. Enter Item URL AND Style ID for Webstore, for SNKRS you only need the Style ID that you can get by double-clicking on the item in the calendar
  4. Enter the required size (US), Random or Specific (1 size).
  5. Select Billing profiles to be used on tasks.
  6. Click Create tasks to add it to your main screen!


  • For SNKRS Tasks, you can import accounts from a text file in this format: email:password separated by new lines


On the bottom of the main screen, you have the following options:


Clone task: Clone a highlighted task

Change Profile: Change the billing profile of the selected task.

Manual Checkout: Attempt at manual browser checkout (Webstore only)



On the Billing tab, you are able to add a new billing profile or import/export any Nike bot billing profile.


You are required to insert your Billing/Shipping Address along with Card and personal info on this display.


  • You can check “ Same for billing” to copy the shipping address fields into the billing address fields.
  • NOTE: Make sure you check “Use SNKRS Task email” if you are running tasks for the Nike SNKRS app in order to avoid cancellations due to different email addresses. (The bot will not use the email inside the billing profile).


IMPORTANT: Address Jig - If you are an experienced user, you can use this Address Jig in order to use the same CC with the same location.


Full-Size Image: Address Jig Image



You can import or export billing profiles in a ".CSV" file format.



On the Proxies tab, you are able to create new proxy lists and enable/disable them.


On this screen, you are able to:

  1. Paste proxies and create a new list with your desired name
  2. Select which sites would use which list.
  3. Enable/Disable the proxy via "checkbox". 

  NOTE: Make sure the list has an E next to it in order to know the list is enabled. I.E.


NOTE: Bot will assign proxies to your tasks once you start them.

More info, open a ticket in the "Nike SNKRS Bot" Discord server!

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  • i don't know how to set up the sensor

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  • For technical support, contact support@aiobot.com or open a ticket in the Discord server! (#ticket channel)

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