[AIO XL] How to Setup AIO XL!

In this tutorial...

We'll show you how to set up the AIO XL For a release!

  1. This is the Bot's main screen where you will begin setting up your cops


  2. Click on "Proxies" to create a proxy list https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022255271
    Click on "Billing" to create billing profiles
    Click on "Captcha" to create captcha window


  3. After you create proxies list and billing profiles, click on "Tasks", "Add a new task" tab to start creating your tasks.


  4. Select the site and insert the "link", "variant" or the "keywords" in the "Link/Variant/Keywords" field. Enter the size you want to cop and select the billing profile created in the previous steps.

    Custom Delay: Specify delay for any retry attempt (ATC or checkout)
    NB of Tasks: Create an X number of tasks


  5. You can check the box "Advanced" to get more settings.

    Schedule: Schedule a custom run time for your task

    Discount Code: Enter a Discount code for the site your copping from ( If you have one )

    Quantity: Amount of cops to go for in 1 cart.

    Use Proxies: Give the task access to your proxy list to be used.

    Use Monitor:

    Display Images: Display the image of the copped item on the task

    Force Captcha: Forces captcha to be solved on checkout.

    Use Account: Use a personal account on the site.

    Price cap: Limits the amount of money that the bot can check out items. 

    Use Checkout Proxy: 


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