I have Supreme Bot and AIO Bot separately, can I use them on the same computer?

Supreme & AIO     

If you have the Supreme Bot and the AIO Bot, and you want to use them on the same computer, you have 2 choices: 

  1. We can split your keys:


    So you can use the AIO Bot and the Supreme Bot separately, where each one of them will have the expiry date depending on the purchase date.
    If you want us to split your keys please send to us the order number of both purchases (Support@anothernikebot.com) so we can check and split them for you.

    A Tip!

    Deactivate one of them and enter the key of the second one, and vice versa.


  2. Merge the two Bots under one Bot:



    You can extend your expiry date for your current key, and you will get updates for both the AIO and the Supreme Bot as long as they are together under the same key. So, you can use them in the same Bot.

    Good to know!

    If you merge the AIO and Supreme Bot, you don't need to pay twice for updates! 


Good Luck!

Contact our support team for additional help

Discord.png AIO_ANB Discord Server              Open_mail.png support@aiobot.com

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