How to set up the Supreme Bot for a release?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to set up the Supreme Bot for a Supreme release!

  1. Open your Bot and press on "Add new" in the "Tasks" tab.


  2. Select "Supreme".


  3. Choose the region you want to run on.


  4. For the "size", we suggest putting "random" in the size field, or if you want to choose a specific size, you should put it as shown on the website.


  5. Copy the information we provided in the #supreme-guide channel on discord and paste them in the bot, each one for the corresponding field
    - Keywords in the Keyword field.
    - Color in the Color field, you can put random for color.
    - Select the corresponding category from the drop-down list of the Category field.


    You can leave the Negative Keyword field empty, or you can put a keyword that you don't want the bot to catch.


  6. Select the billing profile you want to use for the task you're creating. If you don't know how to create a billing profile, please check: AIO V2 Billing Profile Setup


  7. Select the number of tasks you want to create using the same information entered in the previous steps, here I chose 1 task 1 only, then click on "Save".

    Note that if your card is 3D Secured, you need to check the option below. 


  8. Finally, your bot is ready for the Supreme drop! You can see the created tasks and their details (size, product, billing profile and the action centre to run, edit or delete tasks)!


Good Luck!

Contact our support team for additional help

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  • There is no supreme option when I click on the add a new task.

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  • i bought the newest version of the biobot v2, however, when i try to add a new task, it doesn't have the supreme logo. can you please advise?

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  • The Supreme Bot is a standalone Bot, you can purchase with AIO Bot (using the same email address) and have both bots merged in one Bot (So no need to pay twice for updates)

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  • hello, i did not receive the download for my supreme bot. Please send me the download asap because I need it for this drop

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  • Please, contact to follow up with you!

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  • hello, where can i find the instruction page for supreme drop? thanks.

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  • Hi
    We send them to the Discord server, sir.

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  • Is it recommended to always check the guest box?

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  • Yes, more details in the videos posted above!

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