[AIO V2] How to solve the Captcha?

In this tutorial...

We will be showing you how to solve the captcha in AIO V2

  1. ~30 minutes before the drop, press on Open Captcha Manual Solver


  2. Specify the type of the website targetting (In the example above, we're running Bodega website, which is a Shopify website, so we're going to press on Shopify)


  3. A new Chrome window will appear to you, and a pop-up message telling you to disable the developer mode, ignore this message and close it.


  4. Click on the user and sign in to an old and active Gmail account



  5. After signing in to Gmail, open YouTube and play random videos


  6. On the release time, keep solving captchas until all items sold out or checked out.



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  • Thanks for taking the time to set up these tutorials. They are very helpful for beginners like myself. it'll be a while before I get everything down, but I've found nearly 70% of my questions answered in these and the youtube page!

  • Thank you for your trust in our products and services, sir! If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@aiobot.com

  • Whenever I open up the Captcha solver for any site it says unable to connect, what should I do?

  • Please contact support@aiobot.com to follow-up with you. Don't forget to send us screenshots

  • Should I run tasks with the Paypal Check Cart, the Browser Check Cart or should I leave them both blank....

  • If you want to check out manually using a credit/debit card, use the brower check cart. If you want to check out manually using PayPal, check the box PayPal check cart.

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