[AIO V2] How to create a task?

In this tutorial...

We'll show you how to set up a task and use the AIO V2 Bot

  1. First, you should create billing profiles and proxies list
    - How to create a billing profile? 
    - How to create a proxy list? 

  2. After creating billing profiles and proxies lists, press on Tasks tab then press on +Add new


  3. A new window will appear to you, select the type of the website that you're going to select


  4. After selecting the type of the website, insert the requirements:
    - Select the website from the drop-down list.
    - Select whether if you want to use a Guest account or a Normal account.
    - Select if you want to use an early link in the task or a keyword 
    (If you have the product page of the product, you can use the early link, if you don't have it, you need to create keywords)
    - Select the size.
    - Select the Billing profile created in the previous steps.
    - Select the number of tasks you want to create. We recommend using the number of tasks equal to the number of the proxies used in the created list assigned to the website. 
    (Note that you can't create more than one task in case you're using a normal account).
    - Click save.


  5.  Here you can see the created tasks


  6. In the actions section, you can run the task, edit or delete it


  7. You can turn on the logs to view the logs section of each task


  8. The task is running now, logged in and waiting to add to cart


  9. The task added to the cart and it's trying to proceed to check out (showed an error because we're using a fake billing) 


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  • How long can i let a task run for? Like, if im at work during a drop, can i have it run while im at work?

  • You can keep the tasks running until all tasks checked out or sold out!

  • how early before a drop should I start a task? I've heard if you start pinging too early, too often then your proxies will be banned. but I don't want to wait too close to live start time either. Any advice helps.

  • You need to start your tasks 5-10 minutes before the drop time.

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