[AIO V2] How to activate AIO proxies?

In this tutorial...

We'll show how to activate and deactivate the AIO proxies after placing the order, note that the proxies can last for 24 hours, you can activate them or freeze the activation. See the steps below!

24 hours proxies Monthlies


  1. Please note that these are 24 hours proxies, you can freeze to use them later in next release, but be aware that you need to use them within 1 month of the purchase date because they'll be TERMINATED after 1 month even if you didn't activate them!
  2. You need to remove the proxies from the Bot after freezing on the website, and insert them again in the Bot!

  1. After creating an account, placing the order, and receiving the invoice email, sign in to proxies.aiobot.com and click on "Services".


  2. Here you can see the proxies order, click on "Activate".


  3. As you can see, you have 24-hours proxies, click on "Create Proxies" to start creating the proxies you ordered.


  4. Wait 15 minutes to let our system create the proxies for you, then Close the tab or Click "Back" then reopen it.


  5. After refreshing the page, you can see all proxies requested (IP, Port, Username and the password). Press on "Delete Proxies" if you want to freeze the proxies. 


  6. Wait another 15 minutes to let our system freeze the proxies for you.


  7. After 15 minutes of freezing the proxies, and after closing then re-opening the page, you can notice that the proxies disappeared and you can see the time left to use the proxies. If you want to use proxies again, hit "Create Proxies" and follow the steps mentioned above.



Contact our support team for any additional help


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  • how long can you freeze proxies?

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  • You need to use the proxies within 1 month after ordering

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  • do you have to buy the proxies and where do I have to buy it

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  • Proxies are needed to avoid the risk of getting banned in case you're running many tasks (sending many requests), or in case you're already banned. 
    If you're running 2 tasks on the same website, without getting any issues, then you don't need to use proxies. 
    It's better to use 1 proxy for each 1 task on the same site

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  • what are the best proxies on yeezysupply? resi or datacenter?

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  • Use data center proxies

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