[AIO V2] Inserting Proxies in AIO Bot

In this tutorial...

We are going to teach you how to insert proxies inside the AIO Bot V2.

Good to know!

Proxies are needed if your IP is banned from the website you are trying to Cop from or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned.

It's better to use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 tasks per proxy.

  1. Open the Bot and press on the Proxies tab, then press on +Add new proxy list


  2. A new window will open, enter the list name (any name you want), the proxies, choose whether the list is a monitor or normal list and assign the list to websites.
    NB: Always use a number of proxies equal to the number of tasks running on the same website, and always use 20% of the total number of proxies as a different proxies monitor list.


  3. Specify the Sites you want to use the proxies on. You can select All Sites if you want.
    NB: Make sure to enable the list to be able to use it.


  4. After you click Save you'll see the proxy list name, the number of proxies in this list, websites assigned, status if it's enabled or disabled, type of the list (Normal list or Monitor list) and the actions tab.


  5. In the Actions tab, you have 4 buttons: enable or disable, edit, delete and test proxies



    If you have only 2 proxies and you want to run 1 task, you need to add 1 normal proxy and 1 monitor proxy.



Now, you have sufficient knowledge to input your proxies!

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  • I have added all my proxies, but when testing it just say failed. How can i fix this/troubleshoot?

  • Please do not test the proxies in the proxy tester since it's not a stable feature.

  • Should I always have proxies set up or do I do this before the release for every release?

  • You always need to use proxies, if you are trying to run more than 2 tasks on the website using the bot.

  • so we need to always have 1 normal proxy and 1 monitor proxy per 1 task? 2 to 1 ratio!

  • You always need the number of normal proxies equals the number of tasks running. For the monitor list, you need to use 20% of the total number of the proxies in the monitor list

  • If I got 25 proxies for 25 tasks, do I have to create 12 normal proxies and 13 monitor proxies?? Or only 1 monitor proxy and the left for normal proxy?

  • You need to use 20% of the total number of the proxies used in the bot as monitor proxies (use different proxies in the monitor list than the normal list). You can run 1 task for each one proxy on the normal list.

  • Are proxies a 1 time use?

  • It depends on the proxies type and the provider, sir!
    Check AIO proxies https://www.aiobot.com/buy-sneaker-proxies/

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