[AIO V2] How to install IIS Crypto software for Adidas and footsites

To overcome the new trick Adidas, footsites and other sites did, that was causing some access denied errors, you need to install and run this application then restart the PC / server. What this app does is adjust some connection protocol that Adidas, footsites and other sites check for.

1. Download the software from here https://www.nartac.com/Products/IISCrypto/Download

And follow the steps below to install it





After the software is installed, you need to optimize the settings.

2. Click best practice


3. Click ok


4. Go to Cipher suites (only if you are getting sensor error even after checking best practices)


 After clicking Apply, make sure you restart your PC for the changes to be applied.


Your computer will be restored, and you can run the bot normally for Adidas and footsites by following our instructions! 

Note: You are not required to reinstall or repeat the steps again after you have done them once.

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  • My footsites accounts do not work anymore since I followed this instruction. How come?

  • Hi
    Email our support team at support@anothernikebot.com with a screenshot and the version number of your Bot.

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