[AIO X] How to update?

In this tutorial ...

We'll show you how to update the AIO X Chrome Extension, there are 2 ways.

A- If a pop-up message appeared and it's telling you to update

B- If you want to check the update and the version number manually.

While using the AIO X, a message may appear telling you that you need to update the Bot. Press on "Ok" and it will download the new file.


  1. Right-Click on the downloaded file, extract the file and overwrite the old file in the path "C:\program files\AIO X (folder containing these files: "extra, sites and src"), press "Ok" then "Yes to all".




  2. Open the Chrome extensions page again and hit the refresh button in your AIO X extension section. Your current version is 2.1.7, you'll see it changed to version 2.1.8.


    IMPORTANT: Do not Extract in the host file.



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  • What if you have a Mac?

  • Hello
    Just install and overwrite the same file in your purchase email again.

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