[AIO Bot] Fast Task Feature

In this tutorial…

We will show you how to use our new feature, "Quick task". It will increase your chances by creating tasks faster after monitoring the websites dropping items that we don't have info about their keywords.

First, you need to open your Discord and your Bot at the same time on the same PC and network.


Second: In the Bot, go to Configure > settings.


1- Press on "Fast Task Setting"
2- Select the "size" you want to cop, and the "number of tasks" to run

3- Choose "billing profile" (we suggest to assign 1 billing for each task to avoid cancelling your orders if you're not checking the box "checkout once per site" when creating billing profiles).

4- Then press on "save settings"


Fourth: Now in the Discord, go to the #Shopify_monitor channel, you can see the websites dropping items and does not require a normal or real account, it requires "Guest account", such as kith,  as you can see you can press on create.


When you hit on "create", the Bot will create the same number of tasks you set on the beginning of the tutorial for this item, as shown in the picture below:


Then run your tasks!  


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