[Nike SNKRS Bot] How to configure the Nike SNKRS Bot V2

How to configure the Nike bot

In this Tutorial...

We'll Be Showing you how to configure the Nike SNKRS Bot V2

We will create A task, Billing profiles and explore more features!

Always keep in mind to:

  • Open your Bot and always make sure that you're on the latest version.


  • Start the Harvester whenever you want before the release, cookies will be valid up to 3 days.
  • Fresh cookies are highly recommended.
  • You need 5 cookies for each task, more tasks increase your chances.
  • Don't forget to test your proxies.
  • You have to test your accounts a day before the drop.
  • You have to test your addresses on available items using a fake credit card.
  • Start your tasks 15 minutes before the drop batches. For example, if you have 300 accounts, start 30 accounts each 1 minute.


First: Creating billing profiles

  1. Fill the fields with the required info


    • Select your country
    • Select your state
    • Enter the name of this billing profile (It can be any name)
    • Enter your email address




  2. After you finish, click save then you'll see all the billing profiles created in the billings page


    Address Jig

    • "Different billing address" when clicked, the bot will enter different shipping address than billing (not recommended)
    • To randomize your first name, type this format: %fname%
    • To randomize your last name, type this format: %lname%
    • To randomize your address, use your real address & type this format: %CHAR3%
    • To randomize your phone number, use your real area code & type this format: %num7%
    • To randomize (& match) your name entered in #1/#2, type this format: %fname% %lname%
    • "Use SNKRS Task Email" when clicked, the bot will use the SNRKS account email for checkouts (recommended)
Now while creating tasks, you can select billing profiles created before


Second: Importing Nike accounts

  1. Click on the "Accounts" icon to start creating Nike accounts


  2. Create a new .txt file on your desktop, insert the Nike accounts in it as the following format: 

    Put one account per line




  3. Now in your Bot, click "Import" and select the .txt file after saving it on your desktop.


  4. Test your Nike accounts before you proceed

  5. After it shows you that the accounts are working, click "Save" and continue configuring the bot.


Third: Inserting proxies

  1. Fill the fields with the required info


    • Name your proxy list
    • Select the regions (default all regions)
    • Enable the list
    • Paste the proxies 





  2. After you finish, It's very important to test all the proxies on all lists.


  3. After you test the proxies, click "Save".

    You'll see all the proxy lists created in the proxies page



Fourth: Running sensor harvester

  1.  Click on the "Cookies" icon to start setting up the sensor harvester


  2. Click on using proxies box and select a proxy list to assign it to the harvester

    Click start to start harvester cookies

    • Harvester opens Chrome tabs to generate cookies, do not close them.
    • Use many proxies as much as you can.
    • You need 5 to 10 proxies minimum for each tab.
    • Each task needs about 3 to 5 cookies.
    • You should run the harvester for a short time to avoid the ban.
    • Cookies will be valid for 3 days maximum.
    • Fresh cookies are highly recommended. 
  3. The Bot is harvesting cookies



Fifth: Creating tasks

  1. Click on the calendar icon

    Fill the boxes with the required info


    • Select the region.
    • Double-click on the item
    • Screenshot_4.png
    • The bot will auto-update the number of tasks regarding selected accounts.
    • Choose your size (keep it random or edit).
    • Select profiles (the bot will give 1 profile for each task).
    • Import Nike accounts if you have a new account (not recommended, you should add & test them before the drop).
    • Select Nike accounts for tasks.
    • Click add

 More info, open a ticket in the "Nike SNKRS Bot" Discord server!

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