[AIO X] How to use Footsites in the AIO X.

In This Tutorial...

We will show you how to use Footsites in the latest version of the AIO X.

To make sure that you are using the latest version please check this link.

P.S: Please note that we are still testing the footsites on the AIO X so it's still a beta version.

  1.  When you open the AIO X you will see the footsites and a note near each one of them that they are still under a beta version.


  2. Choose any footsite you want to try to cop from.


  3.  Choose the size you want. (Note that you can't use Random for footsites)
     Put the link of the item you want in the Link field.
     Put the proxy in case you are planning to use one.
     You can check the Enable Scheduling box and choose a specific date/time if you want the AIO X to start at a specific time automatically.




Now, you've learned how to setup the AIO X for Footistes.

For more info about how to use the AIO X refer to this article

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