[AIO X] How to set up the AIO X for the Adidas Yeezy 500 "Blush"


In this Tutorial: We'll show you how to set up your AIO X for the Yeezy 500 "Blush".

History: The Yeezy 500 is the first Adidas x Kanye West original design that doesn't feature Boost technology, though the sole unit has a different history with the Three Stripes. The futuristic sole actually is almost 20 years old, having first debuted on Kobe Bryant's then-signature sneaker—the Adidas KB8 III—in 1999.

Prerequisites :

  1. How to run multiple Tasks Here

  2. How to use captcha solving services Here

  3. How to Checkout Manually Here

  4. How to use AIO X Here

  5. Make sure that you have the latest AIO X version, for more info check this article Here

  6. Make sure that your cart is empty before running the AIO X


In the process of coping the Yeezy 500 "Blush", AIO X will go through the Splash Page, it will add to cart then auto checkout. It is very recommended to run AIO X on multiple Google Chrome Profiles to increase your chances, How to run multiple Tasks. You would need proxies if you plan on running more than 5 Tasks.

Recommendations :

In case you are using a Desktop:

  • Use 5 Google Chrome Profile.
  • Use different sizes for each profile.
  • You do not need proxies in this case.
  • Solve Captcha during the release time as stated below
  • If you want to run more than 5 profiles we recommend using proxies, use one proxy for each profile you want to run.

In case you are using a server:

  • You can use more than 5 Google Chrome Profile depending on your Server Specs.
  • Use proxies for each task.
  • Use different sizes for each profile.
  • Solve Captcha during the release time as stated below
  1. Let's Start by setting up the Bot

    • Pick the Adidas you want to cop from
    • Pick the Size you are going for, you can put random sizing using the following format: 10&12&8&9&7&6 in this case, AIO X will pick up one of the sizes in the size box, or check the Random box if you want the Bot to select a random size from all the sizes list.
    • Insert this PID in the early link field DB2908


    • You can also use the Auto Checkout Feature, this feature allows you to automatically checkout using the extension. so you will need to create a billing profile so that the Bot can use it.

      1. Make sure Auto Checkout is checked


      2. Click on Billing


      3. Now just fill in your Credit Card information along with your billing and shipping information as well


  2. In case you are not home at the time of the release, You should enable the scheduler and since the release is usually between 10 AM and 11:30 AM EST, you can set it at 10 AM EST. But we always recommend being there in front of the PC on the drop time.


  3. You don't have to use proxies unless you want to run over 5 Google Chrome profiles. If you are running more than 5 Google Chrome Profiles you should start using proxies in order to avoid getting banned.


    Why would you run more than one Google Chrome Profile? It will allow you to run more than one AIO X at the same time which will increase your chances of coping! Please Check this tutorial on How to run multiple instances
  4. On the any Adidas release, you should be ready to solve captcha manually, you will solve it on the Adidas website itself when prompted to do so. You can add a Captcha Solving Services inside the AIO X that will help you solve it a little bit faster. Note that having a captcha service doesn't mean that you shouldn't solve captcha manually, we should always solve the captcha manually as well. 
    • Click on Settings


    • Go to Captcha, Pick the Captcha Solving Services you own then input your API Key for 2Captcha, Captcha Solutions or Anti-Captcha or Put your username and password for ImageTyperZ. Check this Tutorial for more information.


    • (Optional) Even if you have Captcha Solving Services, you can solve captcha manually after the AIO X has passed the Splash Page, doing so is highly recommended.

What To-do and what NOT To-Do:

  • To-Do:
    The release is at a random time so start your tasks once we tweet about it and keep an eye on @theyeezymafia for more info
    Solve captchas when you see the captcha window on chrome after you pass the splash page.
    Disable all the extension in your chrome browser before the release for better chrome performance.
  • NOT To-Do:
    Don’t restart the tasks or refresh your browser.
    Don’t close your chrome browser unless you are 100% sure that the item is sold out. @theyeezymafia Will announce when the item is sold out.


If you get stuck at the checkout and you have the shoe in your cart, try to check out manually


AIO X is ready for the Yeezy now!

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  • is there a function that AIO X tries to bypass flashing page? and do I need to activate it? I used the BOT and seems to do the same without the BOT, just sit in the waiting room. and AIO X causes my crome is free too even I just use only 1 profile

  • Hello
    The AIO X works and implements a method to keep trying to pass the splash page in the background.
    Don't forget that it's highly recommended to run as many profiles as you can to increase your chances.
    For further help, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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