[AIO V2] How to set up the Captcha harvester

In this tutorial…

We will be showing you how to use our new tool, the captcha harvester. It will increase your chances of copping by collecting captcha tokens which will speed up the captcha solving process so you can ATC/checkout faster.

  1. To access the captcha harvester, click on Tools -> Captcha Harvester.


  2. Select the site you want this harvester to collect tokens for.


  3. You can set a schedule for when this harvester needs to start and stop by checking Start at then choosing the date and time. Harvest Tokens every x sec means that you can manage the sleep time between each attempt to get a new token for each key.


    If you have 3 keys and set the harvester to get one token every 10 seconds, it will get 1 token for each key every 10 seconds.


  4. Choose the service you want, copy your key into the box and then click on Add.
    Note: If you don't know how to get your captcha key please check this article.


  5. You can add more than one key for the same service or use different ones in the same harvester.


  6. After you are done, click on Save.


  7. You can check all your keys here on the dashboard and choose the suitable action for each one.


  8. When you start the harvester, you can check the log of each harvester.



You can check the available balance of your service by moving the mouse over the key.


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  • Can you make a video of this captcha harvester with audio please. It is very difficult to understand

  • Can you explain how this is different from earlier functionally. Without this update also you were specifying the captcha services key in the Settings. I guess my question is what is happening differently now. Is it that you are harvesting Caiaphas even before it is being asked by the site?
    Second question : Do we still need to additionally open the captcha Solver through Tools>Open Captcha Solver for > Adidas and then go and log into Gmail and then solve captchas by doing Open Browser For> Adidas???

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your suggestion, we'll try our best.
    The harvester is solving the captcha before the drop time and receiving captcha tokens to use them and increase your chances while solving captcha manually during the release. You can also here use captcha solving services and schedule the time you want to start them to receive tokens.
    Regarding your second question, yes you should always solve captcha manually even if you're using the harvester or captcha solving services since these methods help you solve more, faster and increase your chances ONLY.

  • What do you do when you are going after 2 different sites. Say, yeezysupply and adidas. Can you set the captcha harvester for both

  • Yes, you can by adding 2 harvesters (or more) to different websites.

  • where do you get the key to add????

  • Once I select a captcha solving service am I entering that one key into the harvester for both 2 Captcha & Anti-Captcha?

  • Yes, you can enter both keys at the same time to use more than 1 captcha solving service to increase your chances and to get better results.

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