[AIO] How to create keywords for Kith

In This Tutorial...

We'll show you how to use page monitor for Kith.

Let's start!

This is the page monitor field:

In the Page Monitor, you must input the keywords.




There are two symbols used in the keywords "," And "&"

"&": Used between two keywords

"Keyword1&keyword2&color", the Bot will add the item to cart if both keywords exist in its name. If only one is found, the Bot will not catch the item.

Make sure to add the color at the end of the keywords as well, separated by the same symbol "&".



",": Used to separate Multiple Sets of Keywords.


It means if the Bot didn't find Keyword1&Keyword2&color, it will try to find Keyword3&Keyword4&color.




Use Keywords only when you can't find early links and never use Page Monitor and Early Link Together

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  • For kith Monday Program, how can I set up the bot for clothing size? Just simply type S, M or L? Or the size has to be Small, Medium or Large?

    Also, is there any way to get early links for Kith Monday Program?


  • Hello
    You need to put the sizes as shown on the website.
    For the early links, you need to use page monitor and create your own keywords if we're not able to provide them in the Bot (Under release setup tab).

  • I think the demonstration on this page is for shoes. My question is what the correct way is to input the size for clothes on Kith.

    Thank you

  • You should put the size as shown on the website.
    For example: If the size on the kith website was "large", you need to put "large" in the size field (without quotations)
    If the size on the website shown as "L", you should put it "L" in the size field.

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