[AIO] How to set up the AIO bot for the Air Jordan ‘Bred Toe’ release


In this Tutorial...

We're going to show you how to set up your AIO Bot for the AIR JORDAN "Bred Toe".


  1. Servers and How to use them Here.
  2. Proxies and How to use them Here.
  3. How to use captcha solving services Here.
  4. How to Checkout Manually Here.
  5. How to solve Manual Captchas Here.


In order to cop the Jordans using the bot, we will need to create tasks that include the shoe info (such as link, size, etc...) and assign a billing profile to those created tasks. Then the bot will add to cart and automatically check out for you on all sites dropping the Jordan. 

 Please select the website you are willing to cop from:

KicksUSA NiceKicksJimmyJazzFootsites


  1.  Click on the Mass Create button to create your tasks since it's the easiest method to create a large number of tasks at once.



  2. Select the Website you want to cop from 

    • Input your size in the size box. 
    • Insert the URL in the early link box 
    • Choose a billing profile for those tasks. If you don't know how to create a billing profile, click here.
    • Choose how many tasks you want to create (we recommend using 1 task per 1 proxy).
    • Click Add once you are done. 



    • In case the bot asks for captcha you'll need to solve it manually! 
    • The release is at 10 AM EST
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