[AIO] How to set up the AIO bot for the Air Jordan "Gold Toe" release

In this Tutorial...

We're going to show you how to set up your AIO Bot for the AIR JORDAN 1 High OG NRG "Gold Toe".


  1. Servers and How to use them Here.
  2. Proxies and How to use them Here.
  3. How to use captcha solving services Here.
  4. How to Checkout Manually Here.
  5. How to solve Manual Captchas Here.


In order to cop the Jordans using the bot, we will need to create tasks that include the shoe info (such as link, size, etc...) and assign a billing profile to those created tasks. Then the bot will add to cart and automatically check out for you on all sites dropping the Jordan. 

 Please select the website you are willing to cop from:

KicksUSA Ruvilla Nicekicks JimmyJazzFootsites


  1.  Click on the Mass Create button to create your tasks since it's the easiest method to create a large number of tasks at once.



  2. Select the Website you want to cop from 

    • Input your size in the size box. 
    • Insert the Keywords in the page monitor box gold&toe
    • Choose a billing profile for those tasks. If you don't know how to create a billing profile, click here.
    • Choose how many tasks you want to create (we recommend using 1 task per 1 proxy).
    • Click Add once you are done. 



    • In case the bot asks for captcha you'll need to solve it manually! 

General Recommendations 

  • Set up the bot for ALL sites dropping the Jordan to increase your chances of copping; do not focus on one or two sites only! Click on the tab of each site to set it up. 
  • Always make sure that you are running the latest update by checking the update status on the top right corner.
  • Always remember to solve captcha as soon as you start your tasks; keep solving captchas regardless of the errors you are getting inside, please Check this tutorial on How to solve Captcha.
  • In this release, you will only need Normal Proxies. You will not need Monitoring proxies nor the use of HMAC Destroyer. Please check this tutorial on How to insert Proxies.
  • Captcha Solving Services are always recommended for faster captcha solving to get you through this step as quickly as possible. Please Check this article on Captcha Solving Services.
  • Start your tasks as soon as the splash page is up; we will tweet about it once it is.
  • Keep your tasks running until you either checkout or until the item is sold out. Don't stop your tasks when you see an error! 
  • Keep an eye on the news strip in the Bot for instruction during release time. We may issue an update during the release.


What to do and what not to do!


    • Keep your tasks running no matter what errors you are getting.
    • Keep solving captchas until the item is sold out.
    • Keep an eye on the news strip in the bot and on our twitter account because we may update the bot before the release.
    • Use proxies for monitoring (25% of your total proxies)

 NOT To-Do:

    • Don’t restart your tasks unless you are 100% sure that the proxies for those tasks are banned; otherwise, there is no need to restart the tasks no matter what errors you are getting.
    • Don’t stop your tasks unless the item is sold out.


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