[AIO] Lan Captcha Solver

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to use the Lan Captcha Solver feature inside the AIO Bot for the hyped releases!


This is a beta version of the App, we are still working on it, if you find any bugs in it, please DO NOT email us for support.

What is Lan Captcha Solver?

Lan Captcha Solver is a new feature in the AIO bot. It can help you get others who are with you in the same house (family members, friends, etc...) to help you with solving the Captcha during releases which may speed the ATC processes. 

How to use it?

First: You need to turn off the FireWall. Click Here for instructions.

And if you are using a virtual machine on your Mac, you need to adjust the Network Bridging.

If you are using VirtualBox click here, for Parallels click here.


  1. Open the Captcha Solver in the Bot. Go to Tools->Open Captcha Solver and select the site.
    (Click here
     to check how to solve Captcha in the Bot)


  2. To open the Lan Captcha Solver, Click on configure->Settings->Lan Captcha Solver


  3. Click on Download ANB Captcha Solver Helper to download the App. (If Chrome showed an error, download using another browser)
  4. Give the link of the App to your friends so they can download it on their PC (Only works on Windows for now) and also give them the IP showed under Lan Captcha Solver in your Bot.



  5. 5. On release time, your friends need to open the App and insert the IP you gave them in IPV4 Address box and start solving the Captcha and don't forget to keep the Captcha window open.



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