[AIO] Captcha solving services

In this Tutorial...

You'll learn how to use the captcha services inside the Bot. 

The Captcha Solving Services that the Bot supports are 2Captcha, ImageTyperz, AntiCaptcha, CaptchaSolutionCaptcha Decoder and Death By Captcha.


Good to know!

For the websites for which the AIO Bot supports manual captcha solver, we recommend you always solve captchas manually. You need to keep doing so until all of your tasks add the pair of sneakers to cart/checkout.

You CAN use the captcha solving services at the same time with the manual captcha solving which we always recommend because it is the best possible scenario to get better results.


Advantages :

  • Captchas will be solved faster.
  • Double the effort without doing double the work.

Disadvantages :

  • It's a paid service. 

Where to configure it in the Bot?

Go to Configure -> Settings -> Misc Settings

Enter your Client ID. Click Test Client ID to see if it's working okay then press save settings.


Where to get the client ID 


2captcha AntiCaptcha CaptchaSolutions Captcha Decoder ImageTyperz Death By Captcha (DBC)
Sign up for an account here and log in using the account then go to your settings, you will find it there under captcha key



This doesn't mean that you can stop solving captchas manually; you still have to solve them but the service will make solving faster since it will solve captchas with you.

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  • So How do you tell it to start solving captchas? Like one I start a task does it automatically start it?


  • Hey

    The bot will tell you to start solving captchas.

    This, the 2 captcha and anti captcha, doesn't mean that you can stop solving captchas manually, you still have to solve it but the above service will make solving faster since it will solve captchas with you.

  • hey aio,

    i believe hes asking when and how do we tell the websites, anitcaptcha and 2captcha, to start solving captchas? will they know automatically when i start solving or will they have to manually started?


  • Hey Jesse 

    Once the bot start telling you to start solving captchas, the anti captcha and 2 captcha automatically starts solving, and you recommend to start solving captchas manually with them. 

  • Hotmail captcha recognition service: http://captcha-ok.com/

  • What captcha service of the 2 would you say is the better service? Can both services be used at once?

  • Hey Gordi, 

    Both are good, we highly recommend using them at the same time to get better chances, with the manual captcha. 

  • Solve any types of captchas including Google's no captcha recaptcha2 for only $0.7 per 1000 captchas solves. Also solve audio and text captchas. With dedicated private proxies available. See https://www.captchasolutions.com for more information.

  • My manual captcha solver does not work for some reason

  • Hello DËMÎ GØD 

    Please contact us from your email address which is associated with your Bot at: Support@anothernikebot.com to provide you with the full support and satisfaction.

  • Disregard

  • Hello Lee,


    How may I help you ?

  • can i use both, the anticaptcha and the 2captcha at the same time?


  • Hello Eric,

    Yes you can do that, and it's recommended because it will raise your chances.

  • Hi, im a total newb. I got dbc and 2captch service up as the settings above instructed. Now, once I start a the task , will the auto captcha automatically go to work in the background ? or do i need to turn on something while i also open the manual captcha solver on the side to solve with it?

  • Hello,

    Yes, it will automatically work in the background and captcha will get solved automatically!

    You do not have to do anything other than to make sure that you have enough balance on your captcha services account.

  • I tried putting my API from 2captcha and my userpass on the bot for ImageTyperz when I hit Test Client ID it says "Access Denied". I was able to input everything normally and smoothly yesterday. What am I doing wrong?

  • What format are you putting this in the Bot for each service?

  • @F.AI Zahab

    for 2captcha I copied and paste the API Key
    and for ImageTyperz I input this 'username,password'

    I did it yesterday before I purchased the supreme bot.

  • Thank you for your reply, please report this issue via email message at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com

  • Hey just started using the bot last week. Was gonna get 2nd captcha to help with the upcoming drops. Now if sites do need captcha (other than Adidas), how would we know? Will AIO automatically pop up a captcha screen for us?

  • I am entering my username and password in for DBC and getting the error message "http error." What should I do?

  • Hello, Steve!
    Once you started your tasks, you should solve captcha manually even if you're using captcha services, and even if there's no captcha shown on the website (sometimes there's captcha in the background working) so it's recommended to start solving captchas after you start your tasks immediately and keep solving until all items sold out.
    For the DBC, did you try to contact the service provider? Please, contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com to know more what happened.

  • Please add http://www.solverecaptcha.com as an alternative captcha solving service.

  • Thank you for your suggestion! We'll take it into consideration if it's necessary!

  • Solve UNLIMITED normal captchas and Google recaptcha2 captchas for a lifetime with just a one-time payment of $795.00. Check https://www.captchadecoder.com/members/vips.php

  • Are you interested in our CSPRO Lifetime? Pay only one-time of $595 and get to solve UNLIMITED reCAPTCHA2 and standard captchas forever FREE! Just see https://www.captchasolutions.com/clients/packages/

  • I got anti captcha, and BOT shows that the client ID is valid. However I never see my balance decrease in anti captcha. I'm wonder after I save client ID in BOT, what else should I do to activate the auto solving?

  • I got captcha decoder, and BOT shows that the client ID is valid. However I never see my balance decrease in captcha decoder. I'm wonder after I save client ID in BOT, what else should I do to activate the auto solving?

  • Hello, Guys!
    Did you try to contact the service provider? Please, try to contact them and let us know via email if you're still facing any issues.

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