[AIO] How to solve manual Captcha window problems?

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If you are having any issues with the Captcha window like when you can't click anything on it or it's blank, one of the following solutions below might help you fix it!

Solution 1:

If you are using a VM (Virtual Machine such as VirtualBox), you need to increase the number of CPUs.

Check this tutorial on how to do that: How to increase the number of CPU on your virtual box?

Solution 2:

Make sure that you are not using any proxies in your windows settings.

  1. Open your Internet Explorer 


  2. On your keyboard press "ALT" to view the Internet Explorer options, click Tools -> Internet Options


  3. Go to the Connections Tab and click on LAN settings


  4. Uncheck the box "Use a proxy server for your LAN" and click OK


Solution 3:

You need to edit your Host files

Click here to check how 

Solution 4:

Reset all the corrupted network protocols on the PC 

  1. Click on the windows icon (bottom left) and write cmd 


  2. Now run it as an administrator. Right-click on it, click run as administrator and then press OK


  3. Insert the following sentence: netsh Winsock reset and press Enter 


  4. Restart your PC to complete the reset

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