[AIO] Solve Adidas Captcha Manually

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to solve Captcha manually for the Adidas site.

  1. In your logs, the Bot is preparing to get the Captcha solution.


  2. Go to Tools -> Open Adidas Captcha Solver -> Chrome Browser  -> Adidas.


  3. The below Browser will open. Check the I'm not a robot box in and start solving Captcha.


  4. The bot has successfully solved the Captcha.



If you want to speed things up by solving the captcha faster, you can do so with Captcha Solving Services supported inside the AIO Bot.

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  • Is it just me, or are none of the pics showing up except for the last one?

  • Can't see the images.

  • Having same issue as above, after clicking the box that say's I am not a robot I never got the images pop up for me to solve? Please advise.

  • Hey

    The problem with images was fixes.

    Please check this link

    How to solve manual Captcha window problems?


  • What do I do if i get this error message?

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key

  • When I click on "Open Captcha Solver for Adidas" it brings me to the website where I would normally solve captchas, but it says "ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key"


    Any idea what to do?

  • Hey Brandon and Adam 

    Please just refresh the page. 

  • In the LanCaptcha server has the same message wring site key. Would you mind checking it back. Thanks alot.

  • Hey Joshua

    Please make sure you have the updated version of the bot, and press control + f5 when you start solving captchas manually. 

  • When i try to cop off adidasCA it tells me to go to tools and open captcha service. there is no option for adidasCA only adidas. When i click adidas i get ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key on the captcha page. When i look at the URL it shows adidas.com i guessing this is the problem, if i try to change it to .ca it doesnt work either

  • Dear Tyraell, 

    What version of the Bot do you have? 

  • Where do you solve the captcha for yeezy supply?

  • Captcha are not loading even when page is refreshed. When testing DBC getting an http error

  • Hello, Gobinder!
    Please, contact our support team at [email protected] to know what happened or if you missed any step.
    For captcha solving on YeezySupply, press "tools" > "open captcha solver for" > "Shopify" > "open browser for" > "shopify" > "YeezySupply"

  • i keep getting this message since i bought the bot last year and i have never coped any shoe with this bot

    This site can’t be reached
    anb.adidas.com’s server IP address could not be found.
    Search Google for anb adidas 54785 Adidas Captcha

  • Hello, Ameer!
    We're sorry to hear that you're facing difficulties with the Bot, but it seems that you're banned from the website, or you're misusing the proxies inside the Bot.
    Can you provide us with your logs as a ZIP file via the email address associated with the Bot?

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