[AIO] How to Update the Bot?

In this tutorial...

You will learn how to update your AIO Bot.

Open your Bot, click on Help in the top menu and choose Check For Update. You can check the status of the update on the top right.

  1. The Bot will start Checking for update


  2. If updates are found, the Bot will start downloading


  3. After the download is done you have to install the update, you will get a message on the top of the bot "Update will be installed on next Start".


  4. Right click on Update will be installed on next Start in the top and select Install Updates now.


  5. The bot will start installing the updates after it's done click Finish.


  6. To check if you are on the latest version, click on Help on the top menu, select Check For Updates and look at the update status on the top right, you will receive a message that "You already have the latest version".


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