[AIO V2] What are Servers and Proxies?

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We'll provide you with information regarding proxies and servers, their advantages, and their use!


    Good to know!

    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance so that they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

    Advantages of VPS:

    • If your own computer specifications are low, you can get a VPS, which will provide you with high specifications (RAM, CPU, Hard Disk, etc.)

    • If your internet speed is slow, a VPS will provide you with high-speed internet; thus, you can improve your chances in coping.

    • If you are located far away from the website you are trying to cop from, you can rent a VPS which is located closer to the site's server.

    How to set up a Server?



    In the picture, below the "USER" is trying to cop from Foot Locker without a VPS by using his own Home PC, but, unfortunately, the USER has a slow internet connection and is located far away from the Footlocker's server which will cause delay and will decrease the success rate. 

    This problem can be solved by using VPS which will provide the USER with high-speed internet and a closer location to the website's server. Note that a VPS can be remotely controlled from your own Home PC.

    USER not using VPS


    USER using VPS 



    Good to know!

    A Proxy is an IP address in another location that can be the face of your Home PC’s connection to the server.   

    AIO bot already has a proxy feature integrated into it; you can buy proxies from any proxy provider and insert them into the Bot. 

    Advantages of Proxies:

    • If you're running multiple tasks (accounts), the site becomes suspicious of this behavior. Thus, you need to use proxies to be on the safe side and avoid getting banned.

    • If you're in a different location from the site's server, using proxies also help since your connection is basically rerouted through the proxy's server.

    Insert proxies in AIO Bot



    In the picture below, the USER is trying to cop from FootLocker by running two accounts; however, notice that they share the same IP address and both of them are trying to add to cart. Most websites, if they detect two or more accounts trying to access the website with the same IP address, they will ban the IP address.

    To fix this issue, the USER uses two different proxies for each account so that they connect to the server as if they're coming from two different places (which, technically, they are). FootLocker won't detect that your connection is being rerouted and will let both accounts go through. 

    Without using Proxies


    With Proxies



Please always make sure you add 20% of your proxies for monitoring because you monitor the site before the drop even if it’s a countdown link. Please ALWAYS put proxies there unless we instruct you otherwise.

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  • Very helpful information about proxies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello!

    Johnwan Welcome, do not hesitate to ask for help !

  • Why do i need monitor proxies?

  • Hello Tyler 


    Yes, without them the Bot won't work with proxies.

  • I've been seeing that some people who cop using the bot are not using proxies.  How do they do this?  

  • Hey Ron,

    Thank you for your question.

    Please check this tutorial: 


  • Question about proxies

    Let's say I have 55 proxies.
    I used 44 for Footlocker and 11 for monitoring proxies

    1. Can I still use those proxies for other footsites and do the same 44 for Champs and same 11 for monitoring proxies?

    2. Do I have to do it all separately?
    For example..
    8 proxies for Footlocker 2 monitor
    8 proxies for Champs 2 monitor
    8 proxies Eastbay 2 monitor
    etc. etc.

    3.Can I still use those proxies for Adidas?

    Half for HMAC and Half for Normal Task?

    4.If 1 proxy gets banned from a footsite does that mean it's banned for the remaining others?


    A simple Yes or No per number would suffice

    Thank you in advance


  • Hello,

    1. When you create your proxies list, there is 1 box for Footsites, you can check it, it will apply proxies for all Footsites ( Footlocker, Footaction, EastBay, and ChampSports).

    2. You can not separate your proxies for Footsites.

    3. You can still use those proxies as well for Adidas.
    50% of your Adidas proxies as normal Adidas tasks and the other 50% of Adidas proxies as hmac destroyer (check our instructions before every release).

    4. If 1 proxy gets banned from Footsites, you can still use it with other websites such as Adidas for example.


  • Never mind i figured this out

  •  if i'm running 100 tasks and i have 50 proxies running those tasks do i need to run an additional 12 set just as monitor proxies?
    or can i run tasks with those monitor proxies?

  • Hey, Thank you for your question!
    We recommend using 2 proxies per task, but you can still use 1 proxy.
    You need always to add 20% of your total number of proxies used, for monitoring, (depends on the number of tasks and normal proxies used).
    Do not hesitate to contact us on Support@AnotherNikeBot.com for any further questions!

  • hi there
    i just bought 25 proxies and i tested them using the bot . About 21 of them say "not working" in the status. what should i do ?

  • i have a question about proxies/tasks. I am allowed 100 tasks. Does the monitor part count as a task, so I need 2 tasks per? So really i can only create 50 tasks and the other 50 go to monitoring? Or can i create 100 tasks and have 120 proxies and be fine?

  • Hello Azeez,

    On which site did you test them? please contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com to check your issue.

  • Hi Mike,

    If you have 120 proxies, you have to use 20% for monitoring that means 24 proxies for monitoring and the rest of your proxies to your normal tasks.

    It's better to use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 tasks per proxy.

    If you need anything else, please contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com

  • I'm having trouble entering my proxy info. I'm using only one IP for approximately 20 tasks. This is way too difficult for me to figure out. Even with video tutorial.

  • Hello Kaliopi,

    Please contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com in order to help you to solve your problem.

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