[AIO] My virtual box opened but black screen, what to do?

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You are trying to setup windows inside the virtual box but you are getting a black screen and you don't know why? Here are the two reason that maybe causing that problem:

  • No Windows image ".ISO" imported into the Virtual box

  • The Windows image ".ISO" is still downloading when imported into the Virtual box.

If you don't know how to setup windows on mac using virtual box, please Click Here 

Here we go!

    1. No Windows image ".ISO" imported into the Virtual box


      No Windows image ".ISO" imported into the Virtual box: 

      1. Right-click on your Virtual machine name and click Remove 


      2. Click on New in the top Main Menu 


      3. Enter the name for your virtual machine "ANB1" and choose Windows 7 64-bit. Please note that you shouldn't use the same name as before. And click Continue.


      4. Choose the amount of ram you want to use in your Windows and click Continue


      5. Click on Create virtual hard disk now and click Create.


      6. Choose VDI "VirtualBox Disk Image" and click Continue.


      7. Choose Dynamically allocated and click continue 


      8. Choose the size of your virtual hard disk in megabytes and click Create


      9. Now, a new Virtual window is created, click on Start on the top main menu


      10. Now, this is the most important step, you have to locate your Windows ".ISO" file on your hard disk. You are supposed to download the Windows from Utorrent like we instructed you to in our Tutorial. Not choosing the correct file or skipping this part will leave you with the black screen error.


    2. The Second reason!

      The second reason which it may be causing this problem is due to the Windows ".ISO" file is still downloading in the Utorrent when you are trying to import it into the Virtual Box.


      To fix this issue, please wait until the file is finished downloading and repeat step 1.  

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