[AIO] How to Create a Task with Site Accounts?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you the steps of creating a task for a certain website.

  1. In the site field, choose the website you want to cop the shoe from.

  2. Some sites support Guest Accounts, it will save you time creating Regular Accounts. Please Click Here to see the list of all sites which support Guest Accounts.

    If the website you are willing to cop from is not on the list, unfortunately, you have to create a Regular Accounts from the website. If you want to create both Regular Accounts and Guest Accounts, that will be totally fine.

  3. Enter your account Email and Password or check the Guest button if the website is supported. 

  4. Here you have to input (Positive KW, Negative KW, SIZE) 

    Positive KW: Leave it empty it will be filled automatically.

    Negative KW: Leave it empty because it is not used at this moment.

    Size: Always put the size in US format unless we instruct you to change the format.

  5. You can use either Early Link(s) or Page Monitor(s), we usually provide the early link/keywords for the release. If you don't know how to view our instructions please Click Here.

    Good to know!

    Early Link: Is the website link which the item is going to be released on. If we didn't provide the early link/keywords you can get them by yourself. Please Click Here to see how. 

    Page Monitor: Here is where you can input the keywords. If the early link is not available, you have to use keywords. The job of Page Monitor is to search for these keywords on the website until it detects the item. We usually provide the keywords but if we didn't, you can learn how to create your own. Please Click Here

  6. After you are done, click Add to create your first account.

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