[ANB] How to install Bot on Mac


1. If you don't have UTorrent installed on your mac  visit the link below to download the setup file.






 2. Download Torrent file which will be containing  windows 7.





  • open the file and it will be integrated with U-Torrent software

  • make sure to select none, and then select en_windows_7_home_premium_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676549.iso


  • Click OK and the files will start downloading. Please note that the size of the downloading file will appear to you 31.6GB, But actually it's only 2.3GB because U-torrent will read the whole windows package put will only download the one you selected in the previous step.

  • Notice all the files in the package are skipped and only one file is downloading.





  • Wait until the file is fully downloaded.





    3. Please install VirtualBox on your Mac, please visit     the link below to download the setup file.





  • Open the file you downloaded from the link above.




  • Double click the icon below 





  • VirtualBox will start installing, do not to change anything in the setting during the installation wait until it finishes installing.




  • Open VirtualBox, you can lunch it from your lunch pad. on the VirtualBox main menu click "new" and then a pop out menu will appear enter the "name" and press "continue". proceed in setting up the VirtualBox 





  • Press "start" and menu will pop out for you to choose the torrent file you downloaded in the previous setup ISO file 








  • Now windows 7 will start installing 


  • Proceed by pressing "next" ----> "install Now" ----> "custom", And windows will be installed on your VirsualBox and your bot is ready to use.

    • To install the bot on windows please read this article :



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