[ANB] How to setup the BOT on "Windows Server 2012"


1. After connecting to the server, now we can deploy the ANB bot into the Server, but first if your bot is activated on another computer please deactivate it, so you can use the bot on the server, to do so please read this article: Click Here


I'm going to Deploy the ANB bot on two servers with different OS windows server 2008 and windows server 2012.



Windows Server 2012:

  •   To check if your server is running on Windows Server 2013, click on Start button, Right click on My computer and click properties, a menu will appear with your server information. 




  •   You have to install Framework 3.5 on your server, click on Manage server icon on the task bar.



  • Go to Local server tab and click on IE Enhanced Security configuration. and make sure you turn off the enhanced security on administrators and users, after clicking OK you will notice the IE enhanced security Configuration will Be off instead of On.




  • Now select Dashboard Tab, and click on Add roles and features





  • A wizard will start for you, click next, and choose Role-Based option and click next, select a server for sever pool option and select your server in the list and click next.








  • After proceeding in the wizard you will be in Server Roles tab don't change anything just click next, now you will be in the Features tab make sure you  select Framework 3.5.1 from the list and click next and finish the installation.






  • You can download the ANB bot form the email we sent you, go to Start button and click on Internet Explorer, open your email and click on download link, Internet explorer is going to ask you what do you want to do with this file just click run, and then proceed with the installation, when you open the bot it will ask you for activation Code, put your activation code and click OK.



  •  After downloading the ANB file copy it to your desktop right click -> extract all. choose your destination folder and click extract 




  •  open the extracted folder and double click on "Another Nike Bot", it will ask you for your activation code, put it and you are ready to go. 








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