[AIO] Can I purchase a shoe in multiple sizes?

Multiple Sizes! 

Yes, you can purchase your item in multiple sizes, but there are some rules you must follow in order to protect yourself from getting banned on the desired website.

For example, if you want 3 sizes, you must create 3 accounts and each account must have a different payment method with different cards.

On your billing info you have to change some stuff in the address, for example:
Street -> St. -> Strt.
Avenue -> Av. -> Avuene


If you have any questions or doubts about this, feel free to contact us to support@anothernikebot.com.

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  • Do the names need to be different on each card?

  • Hello, Skylar!

    Yes, for the same website, you need to use different cards and different billing info :) 

  • Hi.. If I have 3 card on my name, can I use those 3 cards with different billing info? I put different billing info for each card..

  • Yes, but you have to change some stuff in the address.
    Street -> St. -> Strt.
    Avenue -> Av. -> Avuene
    And so on..

  • this bot can i run in 3 different site in the same time?

  • Hello! Yes, you can do that! And its recommended.

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