[AIO] Get and use Early Links on Normal Releases

In this Tutorial...

We'll provide you with some steps on how to get early links for the releases in case we don't provide any inside the Bot.

Let's Go!

  1. Here are the top two websites which will help you find early links.

  2. We're going to use "Solelinks.com" for this tutorial, we want to get the early link for "Lebron 13 USA" item. Open the website to its homepage, click on the search field, type in your item. For example: "Lebron 13 USA" and click search.


  3. Search for your Item in the Results Found list, and click on your item. It will take you to the "Lebron 13 USA" early links page.


  4. As we can see, there are many websites with early links and the websites are divided into two sections one for US Retailers and other for International Retailers. You choose which is best for you.




  5. When you decide which website you want, just click on the Link Button. We will choose "Sneakers N Stuff" in the International Retailers Section. After clicking the link button, it will redirect you to the Sneakers N Stuff official release link.



  6. Open the AIO Bot, copy the early link from the website and paste it into the Bot. If you don't know how to setup your bot, please watch this video:

    From Zero to Hero!



Do not use shortly converted links like "http://bit.ly/1mUETyB" instead of "http://www.sneakersnstuff.com/en/product/21673/nike-lebron-xiii"***

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  • Is this something you can set and forget? Will it auto run or do you need to online with your bot to solve any captcha? I haven't ran any tasks yet for a release so I'm still catching on.


  • Hello
    Thank you for your questions.
    You should start your tasks manually by hitting on 'Start your tasks", you can also use the scheduler!
    It's highly recommended to be in front of your PC while running your tasks since you need to solve captcha manually even if you're using captcha solving services since these services increase your chances and help you solve more only.
    If you have more questions, or if you need more info, please let me know at [email protected]

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