[AIO] How to use Early Link Monitor?

In this Tutorial...

You'll learn how to use the early link in the Bot.

Let's start!

    • Choose the Site from the drop list. Enter your username and password.




    • Go to the desired website, in my case, it's "EastBay.com", and choose the item you would like to cop. I am going to choose "Jordan retro 4" just for demonstration, copy the link from your browser and go to the Bot main menu on the Early Link Tab, right click and paste.


    • 4.png

  1. Enter your desired size in the Size Tab, it should be in US format. I am going to put my size 11 US, and in the Positive keyword tab, enter "XXX".


  2. After entering all the information needed, you can now press Add button. Your information will be added and prepared in a list.


    • Let's add another item to a different website. Let's repeat step 1,2 and 3. I am going to choose "Footlocker.com".


    • 8.png

  3. Now, notice we have two accounts with different item and website are added to the list and ready to be used, but notice the CC checkout is empty. "Credit Card", please read this article on how to set it up:

    How to add set up billing info


  4. You can create tasks and begin copping the items by clicking Create Tasks button and then click on Start Tasks button.


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