[AIO/Supreme] Important Tips Before the Releases

In this Tutorial...

We'll give you some tips and recommendations that you should take into consideration before setting up your Bot for a release.


  1. Proxies:

    1. Use proxies when you want to run more than 2-3 tasks per site.
    2. If you're buying proxies, you'll need to make sure you use 1 proxy per 1 task.
    3. Keep in mind that there are many releases that need 'monitoring proxies'. You might need more proxies than the number of tasks you're planning to run.
    4. Get your proxies within close proximity to the site's location you're trying to cop from.
    5. Get your proxies from various/different proxy providers if possible.
  2. Servers:

    1. Use a server when your PC/Mac specifications are too low or/and your internet connection is too slow.
    2. Get your server within close proximity to the site's server you're trying to cop from.
  3. Billing Profile(s):

    1. If you wish to get more than 1 item from the same site, you will need different billing profiles OR get 1 pair from more than one site.
    2. Keep in mind not to use the same billing profile to purchase 2 of the same item on the same site or else your orders will be cancelled (for hyped releases).
  4. Captcha:

    1. Always manually solve captchas during hyped releases.
    2. We recommend you get captcha solving services along with manually solving them yourself.
    3. Get your captcha solving services from various/different providers if possible.
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