[AIO] Important Tips Before the Releases

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you some tips before setting up the Bot for a release! So, here are the most common mistakes from our customers and how to fix them.


  1. Using too many accounts without using any proxies, in this situation, you will get banned from the website you are trying to cop from

    Solution: to fix this issue you have to use proxies

    - How to insert proxies Click Here

    - How to test proxies Click Here

  2. Using too many accounts for example 100 accounts all running at the same time on a slow computer and internet speed, in this situation your success rate will be decreased due to the massive amount of accounts, which will slow down the operation, between the website and the Bot.

    Solution: to fix this issue you have to rent a VPS  stands for "Virtual Private Server" it will provide you with a high-speed internet and high computer specification, it's recommended to rent a server which is located close to the website you are trying to cop from. 

    - For more info about the Server and their advantages Click Here

    - How to set up the bot on windows server 2008 Click Here

    - How to set up the bot on windows server 2012 Click Here


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