[AIO] From create task to checkout

In this Tutorial...

We will be showing you here every step you need to create a task. We are going through Billing Info, creating a Task.. 

  1. In the site field, choose the website you want to cop the shoe from.


  2. Select whether you want to use your website account or just want to add to cart as a guest.


    • Check this article to see what websites you can use guest accounts on. 
    • You have to use normal accounts for other websites.
    • If you want to log in by email, make sure to put the account you made on the website
  3. Enter your account email and password. In this Example we are using FootLocker.


    PS: again, please note that your selected email is an account on the website containing all the needed info: shipping and billing addresses.

  4. Now, Put xxx in the Positive KW

    Leave the Negative KW empty 

    Put your needed size in Size field


  5. You can use either Early Link(s) or Page Monitor(s)

    (for hyped releases those are provided by via Help -> Get Keywords in the bot interface)

    For early links: Put the link that goes directly to the item page in the Early Link field.




    For page monitors: Enter the keywords in the Page Monitor field (e.g: for Under Armour Curry 2 shoe put: Under&Armour&Curry&2)

    Please note that you can put either early links or page monitors, you can't put them together at the same time. 

  6. Click Add button, and you will see the task below it 


  7. Now you have to choose your billing info

    Right click on task -> Manage Billing of task


  8. Choose your Billing Info then click Add


    Repeat the above steps for different sites (1 to 9)

  9. Click on Create Tasks to create the tasks and to be ready to be used


    You can now see your task in the Running Tasks area: 


  10. Click on the task then press Start Selected Task  OR click Start All Tasks to start all tasks



  11. Once the item is added to cart, the task color will turn to Green 


    Now if you already have the billing profile added ( which is in our example ) the bot will start the checking out process

  12. Once the item is checked out successfully, the color of the task will turn to Orange 




Once the item is checked out, you will receive a confirmation email from the site.

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  • Hi,

    would like to ask when shoud I start the task for those sites release the Yeezy randomly ? start any time and let the BOT scan the site? Will we get banned in short time for this?



  • Hey Yuen

    Before the release we will send all the needed info, whether it is early links, keywords or delay settings inside the Bot ("Release Setup" button).

    For more info, please contact us at [email protected]

  • hi, according to what you wrote 


    • Please note that guest accounts can only be used on:

      FootLocker, FootAction, EastBay, ChampsSports, SneakersNStuff, JimmyJazz, FinishLine, Concepts, Barneys, OffSpring, Okini, PSNY, Kith, RonnieFeig, Supplied, NiceKicks, DeadStock, PackerShoes, BBranded, JustDon, OctoberVeryOwn, SizeCo, BdgaStore, YeezySupply, Adidas US and Adidas UK

    • You have to use normal accounts for other websites.


    so it's not possible to use guest check out on adidas DE for the yeezys? 


    thanks in advance

  • Hello Thomas ,


    yes you can create guest accounts for adidas DE as well, for more info please contact us on [email protected]

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