[AIO] Billing Profile Setup

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to setup and use the billing profile (billing info) inside the Bot!

  1. Enter all the basic information you need in the Site Accounts Section.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Right click on the account you've just created, and choose Manage Billing Of Task.

  4. Manage Billing menu will pop out. Click on New billing Info.

  5. Fill out your Credit Card Information and Billing Address, and Shipping Address if needed. Click Save when you're done.

  6. Notice now your billing profile is saved and it appeared on the list. 


  7.  We can set up multiple billing profiles by following steps 4 & 5. When done, select one billing profile and click Add to assign it to the account.

  8. After clicking Add, the billing profile will be loaded into your account.

  9. Let's create 3 more Accounts and load them with a different Billing Info (billing profile) like we did in step 2.

  10. Notice the new 3 accounts that we created have no billing profiles.


  11. Let's add the rest of the billing profiles to the accounts. Right click on the second account and click Manage billing of task, and you will get the list of the billing profiles we've created. Choose any billing profile and click Add.

  12.  We have two accounts with billing profiles added to them.

  13. Now repeat the steps with the two accounts left. After doing this, you'll have 4 accounts with 4 different billing profiles.


Q: Can I get more than 1 pair?

A: Yes, you can buy more than 1 pair if you buy using different cards from the same site or if you buy using the same card from different sites.


In most cases, you can't get 2 pairs from the same site using the same credit card. Both your orders will be canceled.

Q: Can I get more than 1 pair from the same site?

A: Yes, you can get more than 1 pair from the same site if you use different credit cards and you apply a trick on your billing address.


If you checkout with the same credit card number, the website will automatically cancel your order, so using different credit cards is a must if your target is more than 1 item.

Q: Can I get more than 1 pair using the same card?

A: No, you can't get more than 1 pair from the same site using the same card. In that case, you have to buy from different sites. For example, you can order AJ11 from Footlocker and JimmyJazz using the same card without any problems.

Q: Can I ship to the same address if I use 2 different cards?

A: Yes, but you have to change some stuff to the address:
Street -> St -> Strt
Avenue -> Av -> Avuene
And so one ...



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  • Hello, Harkirat!

    1st: yes you need to use different email address as well :) 

    2nd: there is a feature which is "checkout once per task" but this feature is not stable, so you need to monitor your tasks, once a task checked out, you need to stop the others :)  


  • Hello Harkirat,

    You can just do some modification to your billing info for example street > strt > st. or avenue > av. and so on , this way you can check the "shipping same as billing" toggle box without having any problem.

  • So say I have a total of 3 debit/credit cards, they all are under my name and all have the same billing address... I have 3 different shipping addresses I can send the shoes to. If I were to try to get 3 different pairs of shoes with each card, and I run maybe 5-10 tasks per card would I get flagged for the same billing address on the cards? And would my name on the cards flag the Adidas website? Thanks!

  • Hey, Thomas!
    You need to make sure that the number of checked out items does not exceed 1 item on each card, or you'll get all of your orders cancelled on the same site.
    The site will cancel all your orders if you checked more than one item on the same card. By the way, for tasks, you should use proxies, don't forget!

  • Hello, Skylar!

    If you're using normal accounts, you need to make changes in the profile.

  • when adding another guest account, does it have to have diff email?


  • Hey, Skylar, it's your registered account on the website, which has username and password (the opposite of the guest account).

    If you're using this type of account (the normal account, not the guest account), you need to make the exact modifications to the address, in your profile on the website. 

  • Hello, Thank you for contacting us!

    Big Zucker Answer:

    You cannot cop the same item more than once with the same card, so you can cop only 2 Items. Make sure to check this tutorial: https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207144809--AIO-If-I-Want-more-Than-1-Pair-What-should-I-Do-

    Ehmalii Pll Answer:

    Can you please contact us at our support email: Support@anothernikebot.com for that question? Thanks!

    kyle peterson Answer:

    Your Phone Number, your billing email do also have to be different, the shipping name does not matter.

    P Mwatts Answer:

    The Billing name does not have to be different but make sure to change the Email/Phone Number associated with your billing.

    Make sure to contact us at support@anothernikebot.com if you have any further questions!

    Best Regards,

  • What is the reason for the error in settlement?

  • Hello,

    If I modify my shipping address such as Avenue to Ave., do I need to do the modification on the credit card billing information as well in order to make billing and shipping address matched?

  • when adding another guest account or site account, does it have to be different billing/shipping address and different credit card?

  • Hey Maham 

    You'll need to change some stuff in the address

    example: street > st > strt

    an so on 

  • Hi,

    When I save Credit Card billing info, it prompted "Object refernece not set to an instance of an object.", how to solve? Thanks.

  • Hey Sing, 

    Please ignore this error, it's normal.

    If you still facing any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us on support@anothernikebot.com

  • When adding billing info does the billing name have to be different I have two cards with two addresses but the same name will this be a problem?

  • Hi, what i need to write in State.
    im not form usa and i dont have state

  • Is my address the only thing that can't be the same for multiple cards? My shipping name and phone number don't have to be different?

    Also, my paypal account uses my banks checking account. Can I use paypal and my banks checking account debit card?

  • Hello,
    Yes you can, but you need to make some tricks and changes in the address info

    Street -> St. -> Strt.
    Avenue -> Av. -> Avuene
    And so on..

  • Hello
    Please put the full name of the region in the state field.

  • Hello,

    Can I have different Billing info but same shipping info? Basically different billing addresses but exactly the same shipping address, name and number?

  • When you modify your billing info for example "street > strt > st. or avenue > av." in the bot. Do you need to sign into each bank profile and make those exact modifications to your address as well? Or do we just do that in that bot?

  • For the billing AND shipping address, do they need to be different. For example if I use one address on one card and then I add another card.. Does the 2nd card have to have another billing address (I can use another shipping address). Because technically the other card is still connected to my house address. So how should I go about this? 


    For card 1: Billing Ads: X

                      Shipping Ads: X

    For card 2: Billing Ads: X

                      Shipping Ads: Y 

    ..so on..


    Does that work? Do I have to change both billing AND shipping? Because technically that card should be connected to my house.. 

  • For "friendly name" it's like Nickname, you can put whatever you want.

    For the "name on card" you need to put the name appears on the card. 

  • Hello, I have 100 proxies and I make 100 tasks, but i have only 2 cards. I want to get 7 shoes. is it possible to do ?

  • Hey Kevin,

    Yes, it does.

  • Can you explain a little bit more your question, sir?

  • I'm in EU.So,how should I write in "State"?

  • When I uncheck the auto check out, and add a card to a task it wont add the card.

    Also, When i add a paypal payment to a task i get an error "object reference not set to an instance of an object"


    Can you help solve these 2 problems?


  • If I have three cards all with the same billing/shipping address but have created different e-mail addresses for each card, how many shoes will I be able to cop? Can I create multiple e-mail accounts and assign them between the same three cards that I have? Or is it one shoe per card?

  • Hey Ahmed,

    Regarding the auto check out, please contact us on support@anothernikebot.com to check for this remotely.

    Please be informed that PayPal and 3d secure card are not supported inside the Bot currently.


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