[AIO] Inserting Proxies in AIO Bot

In This Tutorial...

We are going to teach you how to insert proxies inside the AIO Bot.

Good to know!

Proxies are needed if your IP is banned from the website you are trying to Cop from or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned.

It's better to use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 tasks per proxy.

  1. Click Configure -> Proxies


  2. Click New list to add your proxies.


  3. Specify the Site you want to use the proxies on.



    You can also check All Sites in order to use the same proxies List by all sites.

  4. Give the proxies list a Name and click on List Type -> select Normal Proxies.


  5. Check the Enable this Proxy List box whenever you want to use it.


  6. Insert your Proxies and Save.



    You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies.

  7. You can Enable or Disable the List, you can also check the number of proxies you have.


  8. You ALWAYS need to put proxies for monitoring; we recommend putting 20% of your proxies different from the normal ones. 

    To do that create a New List -> Insert your Proxies -> Select Monitor Proxies as type then Check the Site.



    If you have only 2 proxies and you want to run 1 task, you need to add 1 normal proxy and 1 monitor proxy.



Now, you have the sufficient knowledge to input your proxies!

You can double check the result by testing proxies.

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  • Hey,
    Let's say I want to run 100 tasks. Do I need 100 or 125 proxies?
    100 proxies. 80 to normal proxies. 20 to monitor proxies.
    125 proxies. 100 to normal proxies. 25 to monitor proxies.

  • Nice way to insert proxies.

  • Hello, Philip!
    After inserting the proxies, they will work automatically after you start the tasks that you've assigned the proxies for them. (Normal proxies and monitor proxies)

  • why i need monitor proxies??

    what is the function monitor proxies?

  • Is it possible to set it up that way so that the bot uses one certain proxy for multiple tasks but the other ones for only one?

  • I always get this error:
    Failed checking Link in Advanced Mode for # 1 times. Error: Bad Request...

    But when I check proxies for the website it's says they are all working

  • Hey Ahmed, 

    No, you need to use different proxies

    If you are doing well, not getting access denied errors or running 3-5 tasks per site without any problem then you don't need to use proxies.
    It's better to use 1 proxy for each account, but you can still use 2 accounts per proxy.

  • Hey, Zac!
    You can use the same proxies for different sites, but we recommend using different proxies for Footsites since they are the same warehouse.
    Monitor proxies are used to monitor the site before the drop, please always make sure to put proxies there, and enable the list, even if you're using early links, unless we instruct you to not to use monitor proxies for a certain site.
    And yes, Hmac destroyer is only for Adidas.
    If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

  • Hey,

    The bot will automatically assign your proxies to your tasks.

  • Hey Dsiginde,

    - If you are doing well, not getting access denied errors or running 3-5 tasks per site without any problem then you don't need to use proxies.
    - It's better to use 1 proxy for each account, but you can still use 2 accounts per proxy.

    - You need to use low ping time proxies.

  • I tested some of my proxies on the tester but I cant seem to see the buttons Help, Save, and Export on the bottom of the page. If I click the box Test Proxy before using them, what will that do? Will it delay me because it has to test the proxy?

  • Hi I wanted to buy the aio bot but I wanna know what website where I could buy proxies and servers for the aio bot ?

  • Hello, Eli!
    - Proxies:
    We do NOT recommend any specific proxy providers because that caused a lot of problems last time we did, but here is a list of some of the known proxy providers:
    yeezyservers, ghost proxies, myprivateproxy, mexela
    If you’d like you can see more  sneaker proxy and sneaker server providers with their reviews at yeezybotreviews.com

    - Servers:
    While you can always use any server provider you would like or even not use a server at all in case you have a very fast internet connection, AIO Servers are optimised for use on releases and come with AIO preinstalled.
    Check the AIO Servers here: http://aiobot.com/servers/
    If you have any questions regarding the AIO Servers please don't hesitate to contact us [email protected]

  • How do you check your proxies to make sure they are working using the proxy checker?

  • Does this method work with rotating proxies? Thx

  • Hey, 

    You can specify the site you want to use the proxies on.

    Please contact us on [email protected] to provide you more help.

  • Appears, please select an email provider or enter custom settings
    How to solve ?

  • So i have 50 proxies and lets say yeezys are releasing on footsites such as... footlocker, finish line, and champs. do i assign 50 task/proxies to each website or do i divide my task/proxies up among the websites...? and another question do you have to use moniter proxies for yeezy releases or just when its not a yeezy release or do you just have to use it for adidas only?

  • Hey, Fabian!
    We need you to send us your info and your logs to [email protected] to review them for you.

  • It's highly recommended to use HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

  • wonder footsites share the same ban list? 


  • Hello, Guys!
    You can't set up a certain proxy for a specific task, the Bot will assign each proxy randomly.
    It's better to use 1 proxy per task, and you should use different proxies for monitoring.
    For the rotating proxies, those proxies have less performance on websites that have splash/waiting page

  • How do u select each proxie for each task and how many tasks can each proxies run ?

  • And another question do you have to use moniter proxies for footsites? and the h mac destroyer is only for adidas right?

  • can you dedicate specific proxy on a task? or is it just random? 


    contradicting to the HMAC Destroyer how to, it says to make sure that you dont use same proxies on HMAC destroyer and normal task but how is it since its automatically assign by the bot? 



  • No need to create 2 lists, put 20 proxies, check the box "footsites" and enable the list.

  • If I have 20 proxies and 4 go to monitor. The 16 proxies I have, can I have put all 16 in "normal proxies" and "select all sites" and just create all the task for different websites? Or do I have to create separate Proxy lists for different websites and break up the 16 "normal" proxies? Footsites 4 proxies 1 monitor, adidas 4 proxies 1 monitor etc...

  • Hello,

    So for example, if I have 10 Proxies, it is recommended to use 10 tasks.

    Can I use 10 tasks for Adidas, 10 tasks for Footlocker, 10 tasks for footaction using the same 10 proxies? or it has to be different proxies for different sites ?




  • The proxy tester isn't 100% accurate, so if you want, you can double check the result by testing proxies manually.
    if you can access the site on your browser and add to cart using the proxy, then it's working.

    - https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207190999-How-to-Test-Proxies-in-the-browser-

    hmac proxies are the same, but it's better to use different proxies to avoid getting banned.

  • If i have 20 proxies, 4 go to monitor and 16 normal proxies.  Should i make 16 tasks or 20?

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