[AIO] How to install the AIO Bot?

In This Tutorial...

We are going to show you step by step how to setup the Bot on Windows Operating System and on Mac.

On Windows On Mac
    1. Download and install .Net 4.5.2 (Only required for Windows 7)
      Click on the download link located in the purchase email.

    2. Click on the download link to download the Bot.

    3. Install the downloaded AIO Bot setup file.



    4. Run the bot from the Desktop:


    5. Enter the activation key provided in the purchase email:



You are ready to use your AIO Bot on your Windows PC.

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  • An activation key window didn't appear when I installed and opened did it install correctly?

  • Hey Jerry, 

    Please make sure that anti-virus, windows defender and firewall are off. 

  • The activation window key just keeps disappearing before I can input the activation key


  • Hello, Joelherrera!

    You need to use "CTRL + C" and "CTRL + V" to copy and paste the key. 

  • can you help me find my license key back? i accidentally delete on my email. xjenard28x@gmail.com

  • Sure, Ralph!
    Please, contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com to check your license in our database!

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