[ANB] What is a server/VPS, how can I use one?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) or what we call a server is a virtual machine sold as a service by a company. You, as an ANB user, can purchase a VPS running Windows to use it for ANB.

So why would anybody do that? Here are the advantages for it:

  1. A server can have an ultra fast internet speed, which will highly affect ANB success rate.
  2. A server can have high specs (CPU, RAM...) which can also play a big role when running a lot of accounts in ANB.
  3. If you have a Macbook, you won't need a virtual machine installed. You just purchase a VPS and connect to it using Microsoft remote desktop.
  4. You can rent a server on an hourly basis which can save you money.


Please note the following when using a server:

  1. Every time you purchase a new server you'll have to download ANB and set it up for the release.
  2. It's recommended to have your nike accounts in a .csv file (use ImportTemplate.csv in ANB folder) and save it on your computer so you can import them directly to ANB when using a new server.
  3. We do not recommend a specific place to buy a server but here is a list that can direct you in the right direction to buy shoes:
    • -softlayer 
    • -amazon 
    • -nephoscale 
    • -voltur
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  • If I dont have a macbook???

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