[ANB] What is Delay Settings and what does it do ?

 Open the bot click on Configure -> Settings, go to Delay Settings tab as you can see there are different types of delays :

Monitor Delay : 

  •   Early link Monitor, Style Searcher, Page Monitor Delay: (30) seconds by default, it means every 30 seconds the bot will check if the item is available through the early link , page monitor or style Searcher

Add To Cart Delays :

  •   ATC Retry Delay: (1000) milliseconds by default, it means every 1000 milliseconds(1 second) the bot will retry adding your item to cart.


  •  ATC Retry Max Count:(10000000) Retry by default, it means that the bot will retry maximum 10000000 times to add your item to cart.


  • After Solving Delay: (2) seconds by default, it means the bot will wait 2 seconds after the Captcha Auto-Solve.



  • ATC Function, Monitors, Post Body Extractor(15000) milliseconds by default, if the bot didn't get any response from the Website, It will wait 15000 milliseconds to retry again. 


Hourly Boost:

  • Hourly boost when enabled it will change all delay settings to 1 seconds by default, it means all monitors are going to check every 1 seconds instead of their default values, do not enable for countdown release.



 Count Down :

  • For the countdown releases you can try to add before that, if it fails the bot will retry but it is not recommended, lets say the release is at 8:00 AM if you check the "before" it is 10000 milliseconds by default the bot will try to add to cart the item before 10000 milliseconds. if you check the "after" the bot will try to add to cart after 1 milliseconds by default. it is recommended exactly when countdown ends to add to cart.
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