[ANB] How To Import Your Accounts Using The ImportTemplate ?

1. You can find your ImportTemplate in your ANB folder.






2. Move the ImportTemplate to your Desktop -> Open it (using any spreadsheet program) -> And Enter your Accounts.

P.S: Make sure to enter the websites in the exact way as they are in the bot,

 The Websites are:

EastBay ChampsSports FootAction FootLocker SneakersNStuff
EndClothing HanonShop Supreme FinishLine Ruvilla
Adidas KB24 Concepts FootLockerEU CityGear
Pacsun SoleSteal PublicSchool Kith RonnieFieg
Supplied NiceKicks DeadStock PackerShoes Barneys
BBbranded MrPorter YeezyStore SSense JustOneEye
ShiekhShoes Offspring OkiNi Antonioli  ShoePalace

And also make sure to enter at least (Site, Email, Password, Size and Positive kw).

Else you will get an error.



3. Now after you save and close the Template, In the bot click on Tools -> Import Accounts :




4. Choose the CSV file and click Open:





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