[ANB] How to setup email notifications ?

Steps to insert your notification email


(Use Step 0 only if you are using Gmail)


0- Click on This Link


- Turn On

1- Click: Configure -> Settings
2- Click Email notification 
3- Put all the needed info:
Email username: put your email
Email Name: Put the name that the email will be sent with
Email password: Put your email password
Email subject: Put the subject you want to receive in the email,
for example: add to cart success , Checkout success 
4- Fill in the email Text 
PS: you can put for example [NIKESIZE] and it will be replaced by the size that you already filled in your task
. You can use the following:
  • [NIKEURL]: will be relplaced by the URL of the shoe
  • [NIKEEMAIL]: will be replaced by your email
  • [NIKEPASSWORD]: will be replaced by your password



5- Choose your send on method 

 PS: choose ATC if you want to receive an email when you add to cart

      Choose checkout if you want to receive an email when you Checkout


6- Choose your email provider settings 

 PS : if your are using a different provider, Click on custom and put the needed info


7- Save Settings 


8- Put your email in the email notification box


Finally,After filling all the needed info: Site, email, password, early link and size, Start your tasks , and you will receive an email once you checkout successfully



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