[ANB] How to get Early Links on Normal Releases

1. Here are the top two websites which will provide you with early links. 

  - solelinks.com

 - justfreshkix.com



2. We're going to use "Solelinks.com" for this tutorial, we want to get the early link for "Lebron 13 USA" item. open the website on the home page click on search tab and type in your item "Lebron 13 USA" and click search





2. Search for your Item in the Results Found list, and click on your item, it will take you to the "Lebron 13 USA" early links Page.




3. As we can notice there are many Websites with early links and Websites are divided into two sections one for US retailers and other for International retailers. you choose which is better for you, in this Scenario we can use early links for this item on Both ANB BOT and AIO BOT.

- ANB BOT: Nike-US , Nike Europe

- AIO Bot: End.Clothing,Sneakers N Stuff,Finish Line,FootLocker,EastBay,FootAction,ChampsSports





4. When you decide which website you want just click on Link Button, i will choose "Sneakers N Stuff" in the International Retailers Section. after clicking the link Button the it will Redirect you to the Sneakers N Stuff official release link.




5. Open The AIO BOt, copy the early link from the website and paste it into the Bot. if you don't know how to setup your bot please read these article.


*** Please note do not use short converted links like "http://bit.ly/1mUETyB" instead of "http://www.sneakersnstuff.com/en/product/21673/nike-lebron-xiii"***

 Please read this article on how to use early link monitor: https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207267115-How-to-use-early-link-monitor

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