[AIO] Added to cart in the Bot but there is nothing in the cart on the website

Nothing in the cart!

If the Bot added your item to cart and you signed in into your account on the website and didn't find anything, it doesn't mean that the bot didn't add anything. Actually, it did!


Some websites don't allow 'merge sessions'. That means that when the Bot adds to cart and you open the browser on your own to see your cart on that account, you will not see the item because it is not the same session as that of the Bot's task. 

In this situation, the Bot will still check out, just use the auto checkout feature or you can manually check out the item yourself by right-clicking the task that added to cart and clicking on 'Browser Check Cart'.

If you don't know how to check out manually, you can follow this tutorial.

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  • This is not helpful, We need to know what to do in this situation. I currently purchased the AIO bot and feel like I have everything correct. I tried the bot with previous releases that still have full size run. On my bot it says "added to cart successfully" but then when I check my cart on all the websites I used, there in nothing in the cart. I've notified the support team, but they are not responding to my emails!!!! I would just really like to know what to do or what I am doing wrong! If anybody could help please let me know. At this moment I am not really satisfied with it because it is not running correctly! Thank you

  • Hey Chris,

    Sorry to hear that, in that case the bot will still checkout, just use auto checkout feature.

  • Hi Dode,

    How can i use auto checkout feature?

  • my auto check out is enable but the bot did have effect on it.

    i copped some pairs and errors says "sorry youve got already the maximum allowed..."

    what should i do?

    again the auto check out box is ticked.

  • Hey Rhythmnurse

    How to Auto Checkout only One pair when using many Tasks? - https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207412895-How-to-Auto-Checkout-only-One-pair-when-using-many-Tasks-


  • Hey lalagajr silva

    If i Want more Than 1 Pair, What should i Do? - https://anbhelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207144809-If-i-Want-more-Than-1-Pair-What-should-i-Do-


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