[AIO] Should I use Guest accounts or Normal accounts?


Guest or Normal?

During any release, we recommend you use both Guest and Normal accounts. 

Guest accounts are slightly faster when adding to cart, so when you are preparing your Bot for any release make sure you create more guest accounts than normal accounts.

For Example

10 guest accounts and 5 normal accounts.


Not all websites support Guest accounts!

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  • When checked out in guest accounts, how do I go into the guest account to get tracking number?

  • Hello!
    Thank you for your question.
    You'll receive all the needed info with the e-mail address provided inside the billing info that assigned to the guest account task.

  • can use 1 creditcard or paypal account to pay 5 or 10 item's to 1 site only?

  • It depends on the site's policies, but most of the time, (for releases) you should use different billing profile/shipping address, mobile number and email address for the same site.

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