[AIO] How to use Page Monitor?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you the easiest way to use the page monitor feature, in case there's no early link available!

Let's Go!

  1. Choose the Site from the drop list, enter your username and password, enter the Positive Keyword "XXX", your Size and Page Monitor Keywords


    Do not use Page monitor Keywords, unless we instruct you, this feature doesn't work on all websites, we will provide you with the Keywords before the release.


  2. After entering all the information needed you can now press Add button. Your information will be added and prepared in a list. Notice under the CC checkout tab, there is an empty section, this section is for "billing info" if you don't know how to set it up please read this article on how to setup your billing info:

    How To Add Setup Billing Info?


  3. You can now create your task by clicking Create Task button.


  4. After creating your task you can start it by selecting your tasks and clicking on Start all Tasks button.


  5. As we can notice in the Running Tasks tab, our keywords are integrated.


  6. What do the keywords do when you put them in the page monitor? Well, the Page monitor is very important, when the Release on the website doesn't pronounce their early link, this is where keywords take place. 

    The bot will detect any item that matches "keyword 1" or "keyword 2" or "Keyword 3".
    So as you can tell, you can always separate multiple keywords with a comma without any spaces.


Please note that CCCcolor is only for supreme: Use "CCCcolor" after the keywords to specify what color you want.

Example: "keyword1,Keyword2CCCblack".

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